Alnwick Studio Endorsement

A recent endorsement of our work from Nigel Meredith, Owner, Alnwick Studio Hairdressing…

Alnwick Studio Hairdressing is delighted to endorse Pathfinder. This is the first time that any organisation in the area has had our recruitment needs in mind. Hairdressing seems to hold little esteem with the local education providers even though we offer secure and fruitful employment with excellent compensation and developmental opportunities. Eight of our team come from the immediate area and many of the team have been with us for many years. Pathfinder recently put on a careers event at the local high school, giving us the opportunity to communicate directly with hundreds of children and giving them the chance to engage directly with our team who were students at their school before them. This has produced multiple expressions of interest which have remained live as the year has gone on.
Liam left school in June and is now a full time trainee on our team. His career prospects are excellent. His expressed ambition is to equal Lucy who joined us seven years ago, who now has a house , a car, a dog and a great clientele.
Thanks to Pathfinder for being there to help us secure these connections.
Thanks to Gill and Margaret.